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Author Topic: 7 weeks since knee miniscus surgary, which supplements to take to help recovery  (Read 9629 times)

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Hi  its been 7 weeks since knee miniscus surgary, i still have swellingand stiffness in the knee.
My physio said i need to build upthe quads and other muscles around the  knee.
Im a vegatarian so today i bought some whey protien to give me a boost,

what elseshould i be doing please ?

which supplements to take to help recovery , would creatine help ? are they any supplements that help with cartilage recovery ?

thanks for your help

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There are a plenty of options to support your Knee with diet or supplements.
Glucosamin, CHondroitin, MSM, Collagen hydrolysate, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E etc.
Avoid to eat to much normal fat and to much porteins.
Your plan with your protein shakes and creatin wount work.
To increase your strength of your muscles, it is more important to train their coordination and frequence of nerval activation. Therefore not only the size is important.

Good luck so far!