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Author Topic: Help!  (Read 550 times)

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« on: July 12, 2012, 09:09:29 PM »
Hi All, my first post :)

An old topic for an old injury of mine which is driving me mad.  Really need to hear from people who have similar issues who can put my mind at ease.

Background - 5 debriment partial lateral meniscus scopes from age 17 in same right knee (small meniscus tear due to a sport injury), last one was 2 years ago included chondral work about 4cm by 2cm - 70% on meniscus gone, slowish degeneration and I am 39 now. 

3 weeks ago I recently did something to it (not sure, could be my new sport golf swing or a bike fall landing on knee about 6 weeks ago) and slowly pain/swelling started to eminate now a painful clicking with pain on the right ligament areas is hectic.  I had a cortisone injection, swelling has gone but itís still hurts like hell - shooting pain on the the ligament/itb area.  Feels like a shock each time it snaps.  My surgeon says he will not op an more only fresh frozen next year and my Chiro is adamant its itb related!!

My question:  I think my knee has generally held up well due to me only being a semi professional cyclist - I am concerned does it sound like my knee is at the end of the road or can I continue - I have competitive events lined up and I am not a swimmer!  Is cycling bad given the above knee diagnosis, can I push on, is the cycling leg rotation really meniscus / chondral friendly or am i grinding it down on every stock, is it in my head??  One gets a different story on this from knee surgeons!  I am also now using wedges to transfer weight to medial side, anyone have a view on this too?

Secondly - does anyone recommend the fresh frozen transplant?  I am booked for after the end of the moountain bike race season next year.  Can this still happen if the chondral is worn down?

Looking forward to your considered repli