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Author Topic: Type of knee brace  (Read 7537 times)

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Type of knee brace
« on: December 12, 2011, 12:07:52 AM »
5 years ago I sustained a knee injury from water ski racing in Australia. As it was the middle of the season I put up with the pain and with weeks of phisio I regained full movement back. With one of the worlds biggest races coming up I pushed through to finish the season before visiting a doctor, I was straight away referred to a specialist. After my specialist performed a couple of simple tests I was booked into acl reconstructive surgery prior to any scans being done. I was then ordered to get some scans done, when my scan results were recieved back my acl surgery was cancelled. The scans revealed more damage than expected, with a predicted acl tear confirmed, along with a ruptured medial and pcl. With a second opinion from a more experienced staff member it was decided to postpone surgery until there was more research into artificial ligament surgery, as I had full movement of my knee which was not garunteed after surgery. With the intention of continuing water ski racing I was referred to another specialist to design a knee brace to suit my injuries and sports. I was then fitted to an innovation sports, morph knee brace. Over the years I have found the brace really holds my knee together whilst water skiing, although the foam pads are all held in with velcro, which are now all falling apart, along with the screws used to adjust the theigh and calf cuffs.
I am now looking at buying a new brace, I have heard the morph braces have been discontinued, and have been looking at another one made by Pod designed for motor cross riding the k700. Does anyone know if this brace is any gwould be suited to my injuries

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Re: Type of knee brace
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2012, 10:49:47 AM »
the ossur cti pro sport would be a good choice...expensive but good.

i have just been prescribed the medi m4-s...pick it up in 2 wks...cant wait as i cant wait to get bk in the water and wakeboard surgery is planned for july2012

gd luck with bace hunt
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Re: Type of knee brace
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2012, 07:22:23 PM »
I've been wearing a Thomson unloader brace just shy 6 years. I just picked up my 4th one. Very important to make sure they are fitting correctly. That is why I have had 4 so far. You can have them refurbished which I just found out. Call the company you got the brace from and see what they say.

1kneeNO.9 good luck with surgery.

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