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Author Topic: Need more surgery  (Read 1279 times)

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Need more surgery
« on: July 16, 2012, 05:23:04 AM »
Well I havent been around in a long time....I need some more knee surgery.  The stroke has made my leg very small, alot of atrophy and the loosing the muscles is the reason why more surgery.  Their going to have to take out the tibial plate and screws.  You can feel one of the screws through the skin behind/on the side of my knee.  The screw is coming through all the way on the other side outside the bone into the soft tissue and its pinching a nerve, its making my leg worse and worse.  Hes also contemplating doing another surgery after that, a fulkerson osteotomy and a scope to clean out the arthritis under the kneecap.  I wish he would do the kneecap with the hardware removal and the fulkerson later but he wants the bones to heal from the hardware removal before he does anything else.  The reason I need the fulkerson is because my kneecap comes out....totally dislocates and the knee ends up giving way so I either almost fall or do fall and thats not good because the potential for me to have a serious injury after the stroke is higher than the average person.  I thought I was going to go in there thinking he wouldnt want to do anything with the knee  with my health history but he said if he leaves it in, theres going to be more problems.  So back to the drawing board sort of speak......I will try to keep everyone updated.
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7/12 need tibia h/w removal