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Author Topic: 1 YR. Post, LK TKR Inward hyper rotation aprox.120degrees ouch BIG-TIME  (Read 808 times)

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Hello all, :)

Knoob Here

 CLICKING & CLUNKING TKRís patients. I have a little different problem approx. one year after TKR I stood up after sitting in a chair with an asleep right leg. So I put all the weight on the Left leg that had the surgery. Well, I did not realize that the left leg was asleep also and I hyper-rotated the tkr aprox 120 deegrees inward, landing on my right shoulder as not to land on my face so I rotated on the way to the garage floor. I was able to pull myself up using my arms after a 12/13 pain level ::) which felt like my right knee ACL, in 93, all over again. Only this time its the left TKR. Now my kneecap clunks when I tap on it with the leg hanging relaxed. It did not make this noise prior the hyper-rotation. Does anyone know if there is something I could of fractured, broken, torn.? Swelling since March/12 .CT scan shows nothing wrong?!! The CT Tech said I would be on the table fifteen minutes, actual time just under 5, so now I am attempting to schedule an appt.W OS† for damage assessment. I wonder if I"ll be told the same, ( noise is normal ) although I had no noise untill after the rotation going on four swollen and painful months. currently on disability medicare & Hummana hmo. Should I run the other direction or risk being told a redo is required. Worse scenario possible on the other hand is there something keeping the knee cap in place that I could of broken = simple fix ...LOL yeah right keep dreamin

any thoughts ???† not complaining, :o just explaining.....