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Author Topic: Knee Inflammation & Arthoscopy, Still Swollen & No Diagnosis Yet  (Read 971 times)

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Hello all,

Newbie to the forum. Hoping to get some replies here for advice. I'm a 24 year old male who has never done heavy sports, gym, or any sort of physical activity, but prior to this injury, I was in good shape.

This problem started in Nov '10 and occurred upon falling on the floor, on my knees, at a party. The next day, my left knee was swollen. I visited an orthopedic doctor and had the fluid drained, then a cortisone shot, and that took care of it eventually, as it went away around March of 2011. Then, in October of 2011, it recoccured. I saw the same doctor, and we tried the same treatment as had previously worked, but it did not take. I also had an MRI, blood and fluid tests and X-rays with inconclusive results, and was told to try an arthritis doctor. I did, and the doctor continued to drain the knee on a regular basis, but only did a cortisone shot in February. After a few weeks, he didn't know what the solution was, so I saw a different orthopedic doctor that suggested a scope procedure. I wanted to try other means, so I saw an acupuncturist who told me there was probably a slight tear in the cartilage, but wanted me to have fluid drained so the procedures could be more effective. Every time I had fluid drained, the fluid returned within 24 hours. After this, I decided to have the scope procedure. This was around May 3 of this year, and it proved somewhat inconclusive. I was told there was damage under my knee and inflamed tissue in my knee that he attempted to "clean up". I have slides if they help. He mentioned that the procedure would heal and I would feel better, but the problem was not officially solved. Since the scope, my knee has gotten worse, pain-wise. I have some days when I limp very badly, and others when I'm fine. I also still don't know what the problem with my knee is. I don't want to see an arthritis doctor, as I don't believe that's the problem due to the multiple various tests. Any advice?


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Re: Knee Inflammation & Arthoscopy, Still Swollen & No Diagnosis Yet
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2012, 01:09:31 PM »
 :) Hi Russ, and WELCOME!! Sorry to hear you've had such a rough time of it with your knee. Must be so frustrating for you. Are you still doing any physio? The joy of knees....bummer on the 'inconclusive' results from your scope. I would certainly recommend a review with your primary care provider, and possibly another OS for another opinion.
If you can find a good physio who is used to dealing with post op knee injuries/issues, you might find that it can help with pain management.
Certainly read through the archived posts as there most likely will be someone who has faced a similar (if not same) situation as yourself.
As a newbie to this site myself, I can honestly say you've certainly come to the right place for support, advice/suggestions and understanding.
Hope you get some good news, and most importantly some relief soon!
Cari!  :D
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