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Author Topic: ACL recon with bone patellar tendon after hamstring recon retear  (Read 824 times)

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In 5 days I will be having a reconstruction of my ACL following a re-tear of the ACL initially repaired with a hamstring (same leg) graft. The OR will use spinal block as that is the only type of pain management strategy adopted for ALL patients. I am 39 years old not playing competitive sports, but I want to be able to join a basketball game without concerns.


1. All my other surgeries were general anaesthetic. Why should I accept the change if I had no problems with GA?
2. Any particular risks or discomforts with spinal block?
3. How is the rehab different with bone patellar tendon graft as opposed to hamstring graft? Pain difference?
4. What questions am I not asking that I should be asking to help me anticipate surprises?

Thank you!