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Author Topic: Need advice on Bilateral chondropathy patella please  (Read 5004 times)

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Need advice on Bilateral chondropathy patella please
« on: June 25, 2012, 04:32:05 PM »
I have been diagnosed with bilateral chondropathy patella in January. My orthopaedic surgeon has advised I need an operation but I have to wait.

I am after advice on what the actual operation involves and also what are the best knee supports for this condition?

Any information would be gratefully appreciated.  :)

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Re: Need advice on Bilateral chondropathy patella please
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2012, 04:58:50 PM »
bilateral means two, then chondroplasty is to shave down the worn cartilage under the cap and affected areas. I wonder if you'll have both done at once? my doc steered far away from both at once with me because I needed a good leg to help me get around.

This is what my doc did to me for a chondroplasty: (if the link doesn't work, contact me and I'll guide you how to get there otherwise)

I also had a lateral release at the time. After the surgery I was given a Huge ace bandage for my knee. It is my best friend. I still use it a year+ later. That or a sleeve you can pick up at the local pharmacy works well.

Hope I helped!
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Re: Need advice on Bilateral chondropathy patella please
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2012, 05:17:33 PM »
I think it would be helpful if you gave us more details. 'Chondropathy' means 'disorder of the cartilage of the joint'. It is not a specific diagnosis, although by inference and since your problem is on both sides it seems as if there is a degenerative process going on rather than anything to do with an injury.

'Chondroplasty', on the other hand is a surgical procedure, which is maybe what your surgeon is thinking of, but you did not state that he was thinking of that particular procedure.

Please could you give more details of what you are experiencing, when it started and how the problem unfolded, any investigations like CT scan or MRI, and what procedure the surgeon was suggesting? Then any reponses will be more helpful to you.

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Re: Need advice on Bilateral chondropathy patella please
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2012, 08:42:16 AM »
Your right my post is a bit vague, so here goes.

August 2011 I started waking up with severe stiffness in my right knee, which affected my walking. The stiffness would sometimes wear off within about an hour but sometimes 3 hours. Also going up and down stairs was painful, kneeling down and standing up was painful. Also when walking it feels like my muscles and tendons are being over-stretched.

I went to see my GP in August who said I’ve probably injured my knee and advised rest and painkillers for the pain (I can’t take anti-inflams).

Then about 6 weeks after my right knee started hurting my left knee started with the same symptoms but worse than the right knee.

So I went back to my GP and explained the painkillers were doing nothing, my right knee was getting worse and now my left knee has the same symptoms of my right knee. Again, GP informed I’d probably injured myself and advised physiotherapy.

I went to physiotherapy and was given exercises to do. I did do the exercises but unfortunately it made my knees worse.

In December 2011, I went back to my GP and explained my knee pain was getting worse and I was limping regularly with the pain. I informed I’d had physiotherapy but it had done no good and actually made my knees feel worse and more stiff.

Again, the GP informed me I had probably injured myself to which I said I do not believe I have injured myself. He advised more rest. I was not happy at this and made another appointment with another doctor.

I saw another doctor in December who asked about my symptoms, how long had this been going on and so on. He examined my knees and advised it was highly unlikely to injure both knees at the same time. He also advised the symptoms described sound like arthritis but it is rare for someone of my age to have arthritis. He made a referral to orthopaedics.

In January 2012 I went to see the orthopaedic surgeon who took front and side x-rays of both knees. He then examined my knees and gave the diagnosis of chondropathy patella. He advised my knee caps were misaligned and was causing the cartilage underneath to wear away. I asked would I be able to do a small amount of running to which he stated “no running whatsoever, otherwise you will destroy what little you have left of your knee joint.” He advised I would need an operation but I needed to wait. He gave me a steroid injection in my left knee and advised to have the right knee done by my GP.

I received a copy of the letter sent to my GP it states the following:

“On examination there is no effusion in the knees, patella tracking and compression on both side is positive and painful. Flexion from 0-140 degree with clicking on the patella on both sides. Lachman’s and McMurray’s test were both negative on both sides.

X-rays shows reduced patellofemoral joint space on both sides, but more so on the left.”

I apologise for the long post but wanted to provide as much detail as possible. I am female and I was 32 when symptoms started but I have just turned 33.

Please can anyone advise further information on the operation, and condition and what are the best knee supports for this condition?
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