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Author Topic: 4 weeks out infrapatellar fat pad debriedment and reconstruction  (Read 812 times)

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Hi, I am so glad I found this site.

Two yrs ago while hiking I experienced severe pain in right knee.  I had to scoot down the mtn on my bum to get down.  I rested it and in 2 months attempted to jog.  Big problem and limped home.  This pattern continued every couple of months.  I finally saw my gp at about 8 months out.  I have an MRI which showed nothing. 

Failed PT, first OS said I had MS and I beat stump the dr. day.  My husband was livid and asked for a second opinion.  I saw the 2nd OS who gave me a cortisone shot in my bursa.  He gave me exercises to do.  I failed that as well.

He was certain I had meniscus tears so went in for surgery on May 25.  I am a play therapist so I got people to cover my clients for 2 weeks.  I woke up after the surgery and discovered my fat pad was huge, impinged and into the ligaments. 
I am still swelling, not able to walk correctly, and my pain meds are killing my stomach.  I take pepcid ac and 5 ibuprofen daily. This is causing me to be dizzy and I am not sleeping more that 5 hours a night.

 I get full extension daily and 110-120 during passive ROM exercises.  I am going to formal PT 2 times a week and acupressure 1 time a week.  They get the swelling down, and as soon as I stand the swelling is back.  I ice and elevate. 

I want to walk again, I want my stomach pain gone, I want my swelling and pain gone.  I really want some sleep.

When does this cycle end? 

Thank you in advance.....Debbie

This might be helpful to those not sleeping.  I started taking magnesium at night and have slept 8 hr. for 2 nights in a row.  Apparently the anesthesia can deplete magnesium. 

I also started some stationary bike work and the swelling goes down with that....who knew?

If anyone has any ideas for getting off femotide and ibuprofen I would welcome your help.  Thank you in advance.
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Rt. knee pain while hiking 08/10
Saw GP 04/11
PT 05/11  failed
MRI  clean 06/11
1st OS, nothing wrong, fired him.
2nd OS, cortisone shot 12/11 
Scope 05/12, fat pad impingement, cleaned and reshaped.
3rd and 4th OS think nerve problem
Nerve study June 2012, Femoral nerve damage