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Author Topic: LCL strain RSI  (Read 770 times)

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LCL strain RSI
« on: June 23, 2012, 09:23:54 PM »

I am a keen runner who has been plagued with knee problems since December 2011. The problems first surfaced about  9 miles into a run when I started feeling mild discomfort on the outside of my left knee. This pain gradually got worse as I completed the remaining 3 miles of the run.

I consulted a physio who diagnosed and treated me conservatively for ITB syndrome. I saw a little improvement but could only run for about 20 minutes before the pain returned. I then had a cortisone injection - this I regret. Post injection I couldn't walk without pain for around 6 weeks. Has anyone else had this reaction?

After around 6 weeks the pain subsided and I was able to walk again, however I was still unable to run without pain. After a struggle I was referred for an MRI scan which showed the following:

Very minor subtle edema in marrow under epicondyle of femur where LCL inserts.

The consultant went onto say that the symptoms were consistent with an LCL strain and there was obviously an element of overuse to the injury. He dismissed the original ITB diagnosis.

Has anyone else experienced a similar overuse injury and do you have any tips for management/ recovery?

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.