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Author Topic: Please Help - sharp outer ankle bone pain  (Read 557 times)

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Please Help - sharp outer ankle bone pain
« on: June 18, 2012, 03:41:53 AM »
Any input appreciated , I am on vacation and the leg that has a torn posterior medial meniacus blood tear, just today I was walking and I get sharp pain at the end of my stride when I am on the ball of my foot, pain first seemed like every step I took the bone felt like it was about to dislocate. Now it still feels that way but more sharp. I didn't injure the foot, and it's really scary I can't walk proper.

Anyone have any experience on this ? I googled it and I can't find anything and don't have much more interne time left to go all Sherlock homes on the issue like I usually do.

I will try resting if possible

Thank you in advance