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Author Topic: right knee Arthroscopy+ lateral menisectory 3 weeks problems ,rom stiffness help  (Read 2477 times)

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Hi everyone i have recorded a short video of my knee showing where the tightness is ect please can you take a look, i have marked below wha the pain feels like at the timer on the video , i have phoned to see the os but i wont get to see him for at least a week so until then any insight would be helpful to at least put my mind at ease

At  0-10 seconds i attempt the heel slide

At 12- 32 seconds i show how much i can bend the knee,

At 35- 42 seconds i point to where i get the tightness like a clamp pressure when i try to bend the knee to its furthest point.

At 46-54 i show the where i get the tightness when i try to bend it fully, there is kind of a line or fold of pain and tightness.

The rest of the video i stand up as straight as i possibly can ,

any thoughts or help please?