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Author Topic: TKR to right knee no scheduled for TKR to left has my penguin walk caused this?  (Read 1126 times)

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Hi, stumbled across this site, and just wondered if anyone has had the same experience? I've had 8 arthroscopes to the right knee, until it was totally shot and had the TKR in 2011 - it is now fantastic! Although it doesn't like going down stairs - tends to catch, apart from that it is wonderful to be free of pain.

Been dealing with this for over 20 years and doctors would not do the TKR due to my age, I am now 57. The left knee has fast headed in the same direction, after 3 arthroscopes the doctor gave up and scheduled the second TKR.

My question is - is it reasonable to assume that my "penguin walk" (the wife calls it that), has caused or contributed to my left knee deterioration? I had an accident years ago when in the air force, and ended up hanging upside from a very high maintenance stand by my right knee. The wrench that went up in the air and then landed on my head was just an added bonus  ;)

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Any malalignment of your knee (bowlegged or knock-kneed) can cause the components of your knee to wear quicker.  I am slightly bow legged and the medial compartment of my left and right knee has grade 3 and grade 4 OA as a result.  This is because 80% - 90% of my weight is on inside part of my knee.  I am currently undergoing Synvisc One injections to see if it relieves any of the pain.  I have already been told I need a PKR by one OS but the OS he referred me to wants to try the injections first and then an HTO if those don't work.  Main reason is my age (51) and that I also very active.