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Author Topic: Poor bulletin board etiquette includes -  (Read 6798 times)

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Poor bulletin board etiquette includes -
« on: June 08, 2012, 04:15:23 PM »
Advertising – overtly displaying links to commercial sites or products

Solicitation – covertly trying to direct a user to become a customer of another user or their organisation

Spamming – posting unsolicited links, usually in bulk, to direct users to other sites usually for commercial purposes

Link planting – sneaking links into a profile signature to build incoming links to your own site

Multiple accounts – having more than one username on the same bulletin board

Venting and ranting – going to a bulletin board just to let off steam

Trolling – posting comments to annoy people and get an argument going for their own sadistic pleasure

Vigilantism – self appointed bulletin board ‘policeman’, without authority

Power-posting – posting empty or worthless comments


Help-vampirism –always appealing for help without doing any research

Bumping – adding a comment to your own thread to bump it back to the top of the list  (“Bring Up My Post”)

“Necro-Bumping" – posting a comment in a very old thread that is no longer active

Cross-posting - posting the same message in different parts of the site, hoping to attract a response

Mis-placed posting – not taking care to put your topic into the correct section

Hjacking – when a poster turns the conversation away from the original topic and its original intent is lost

Flaming – angry comments or verbal insults aimed at another member or the content of a post

Flamewarring – users flaming each other in a thread

Mailbombing – flooding someone’s personal message box

Inappropriate content posting – posting pornography, or controversial topics such as inappropriate racial, nationalistic, political, sexist or religious comments