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Author Topic: Son's aclr update  (Read 1260 times)

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Son's aclr update
« on: June 28, 2012, 03:58:26 AM »
Hi all, just a quick update to hopefully give some encouragement to those in their early stages of having had an acl reconstruction. 

My son is now 17 months down the road and I have to say the last 4 weeks have seen a real and massive improvement.  It has been a really long and hard road getting to where he is now but I have to say all credit to him.  He never once forgot, (or didn't want to) to do his physio and through the daily moaning and complaining and pain and discomfort he has come through and I feel at last there are times he forgets about his knee and can begin live and think normally again.

This situation we found ourselves in had a huge knock-on effect on all aspects of our lives. For him it totally distupted his A'Levels and meant a complete change in his studies and subjects he was taking but I do Thank God that it has all worked out and through his own determination (and strength of character for a 16 year old, who is now 18) he has just finished his last exam at school and we can all breath a sigh of relief.

We decided that he needed time now away from further studies and uni, so he is having a year out to do some fun things to make up for the time he has missed out on. Unfortunately for me this includes motocross, bmxing and mountain biking but what can I do, I have to let him live and enjoy the activities he loves.

If you have faith in God then trust him and he will answer all your needs. :)
27th September 2010 - Tore acl at football
12th January 2011 - ACL reconstruction (Hamstring)