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Author Topic: Femoral Nerve Damage  (Read 1552 times)

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Femoral Nerve Damage
« on: May 31, 2012, 10:58:57 PM »
 Hi all Read on never again ???

I had medial meniscus arthroscopic procedure back in 2008, I had severe pain wasted quads and knee buckling immediately after surgery.
After pt gained no strength in quads muscle, complaint after complaint to the consultant, nothing was done no investigations were carried out was just referred to pain management. after 8 months no improvement,a scan was carried out consultant said all was ok with my knee, he said go get a second opinion via another hospital.

I did that my new consultant immediately scanned and found stretched quads tendon, he preformed second op on me to correct the quads tendon,
That was successful but after pt still no quads muscle bulk.He carried out further tests E.M.G. Nerve Conduction Studies and found Femoral Nerve Lesion.I had a spinal MRI to ensure I have no other nerve problem.

This all goes back to the initial scope. I am left using a leg brace and crutches to walk,which is only short distances, I have chronic pain Syndrome wear two anesthetic pain patches and ten pain killer a day.

Has anybody else heard of this happening with an arthroscope, or have any of you had the same happen.

Good Luck and Good Healing

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Re: Femoral Nerve Damage
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2012, 03:52:03 AM »

I had an arthroscopy to fix several tears in my meniscus back in 2008. As I was recovering from that surgery, I noticed a really bad pain on the medial side of that knee along with the sensation of tons of water running down my leg. OS said that was nothing, PT said "oh, everyone complains, that's nothing". Pain kept getting worse & worse. Switched to OS #2. Between the two of us we determined it was saphenous nerve pain. I started taking Amitryptyline which helped some. Last year, I finally found a neurosurgeon who specialized in peripheral nerve damage. He operated on that leg & found that the saphenous nerve had grown through the tendon. He had never seen that before! Every time I moved that leg, the tendon was rubbing on that nerve - no wonder I hurt!

Anyways, I could never prove the damage happened as a result of that arthroscopy but I never had pain like that before the surgery. I think what happened is the OS cut the nerve & nicked the tendon then the nerve grew through the tendon. Like I said, I could never prove it but to answer your question -- yes! nerve damage can happen as a result of arthroscopy. Find a good neurosurgeon & hopefully they can help you. Hang in there!

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Re: Femoral Nerve Damage
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2012, 08:57:10 PM »

Following an arthroscopy to investigate knee pain, which found patellar femoral arthritis, I now have CRPS (used to be called RSD) in the knee caused by nerve damage during the operation. I was told that there are a lot of nerves around the knee, and it's not surprising something was nicked - unfortunately, where most people's nerves repair themselves fine, sometimes they do weird things (like growing through a tendon :o) and don't mend..... In my case, my pain levels after the op and lack of quad function with physio, along with some weird colours and temperature changes, alerted my OS and he diagnosed CRPS. Amitriptyline worked well initially, then not so well. I'm now on Lyrica, but just had to have that dosage increased as well. Nerve damage sucks!

I'm still struggling to get my quad to improve with physios and exercises, but my physio says its getting better....slowly. I'm never going to get full function though, lucky me! I think nerve damage of any kind is a very tricky thing. Understatement of the year.

All the best,

Brams  ;)
2009 - diagnosed coeliac
Aug 2011 - L knee arthroscopy
Aug 2011 - diagnosed PF arthritis L knee
Nov 2011 - diagnosed CRPS L knee
Dec 2011 - MRI R knee, PFOA is worse than L!
June 2012 - no surgery 'til TKR's
Nov 2012 - CRPS spread to L foot/thigh, increasing pain
- Worsening pain/symptoms R knee