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Author Topic: Hot knee  (Read 782 times)

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Hot knee
« on: May 22, 2012, 03:27:44 PM »
I am really beginning to think I am going completely crazy!  ???  I have had a long history of right knee issues and as I write this I am at home recuperating from my sixth surgery to my right knee. All is going as expected - except my LEFT knee feels very strange.  :'(  I will admit that I may be jumping the gun a bit because I am absolutely terrified that my "good knee" is going down the dark path so please feel free to tell it to me straight.
I know I have a mal-alignment issue on the left side as well (there is at least a two inch difference between my patella and the top of my tibia - knees point in - feet point out.....) that has thankfully not bothered me before now. But.....a few days before surgery I was getting out of a recliner and felt a strange twinge in the left knee. Not pain, but not normal either. Afterwards some small discomfort in the medial compartment but it was easy enough to ignore. Then the morning of surgery I was getting on my bed and went to sit with my left knee tucked under me (almost like half of indian style) and felt a stronger twist/twinge with what seemed to be the joint space opening up? After that it did hurt and again just the medial side below my patella swelled. I didn't even let this bother me since I was heading into surgery in a few hours for the other side.
Now that I'm doing the recovery thing, my left knee doesn't really hurt but it feels hot. ? It's almost like an internal sunburn. No noticeable swelling but I want to ice it all the time. It feels great to ice, but I'm worried that it's still so noticeable.  It's as good as my post surgical knee at telling me when it's time for new medicine.
Someone please tell me this is just overuse and will magically go away. Please!  :(  I have my follow up in a few days and certainly plan to mention it, but wanted some peace of mind between now and then if anyone has some to offer.
Thanks - can I say that I hate my screen name seems so fitting right now?  :'(
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Re: Hot knee
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2012, 11:21:42 PM »
You should talk to your Doc in your follow-up especially since it is your non-surgical knee. 

I have/had the same thing on my surgical knee after both of the last two surgeries.  I have talked to my Doc about this and he says that it is a metabolic reaction and is related to healing.  This is likely due to increased blood flow.  I use ice as well and it feels great.  Probably nothing to worry about but due ask.
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Thank you, Maverick