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Author Topic: Day of Reckoning approaches!  (Read 548 times)

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Day of Reckoning approaches!
« on: May 17, 2012, 04:46:24 PM »
Hi knee gurus
Well been reading everyone's columns over last few months and feeling real pain for everyone who's undergone any surgery.  Trying hard to understand why some people have really gr8 legs and others completely ~#\ked up ones like most of us I suppose.

I got my knee op coming up on the 6th June and just to top things off my back decided to go again 2 days ago and spent a night in hospital for that.  Now on sick leave and my employer is so understanding as Ive also given notice of my knee op! Someone up there is really setting some tough tests out on his notepad!

Anyway im having a meniscus transplant, with an osteotomy and they also have to redo my ACL as a side thingy they say ill only be in for a couple of nights so guess ill have lots of time to while away under by bed covers afterwards.  Anyway all of you that are awaiting an op or have had one or dont really know if they need one or not or just come here to hear some sick talk! (knee pervs) gud luck to you all! ill keep you all up to date.
'96 ACL reconstruction
'09 Arthroscopy/cartilage repair
Diagnosed with Grade 4 OA no medial cartilage and significant varus alignment
'11 fitted with off loading knee brace
'12 HTO, meniscus transplant, acl reconstruction & microfracture all in 1 go!