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Author Topic: PCL Surgery  (Read 703 times)

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PCL Surgery
« on: May 17, 2012, 07:29:36 PM »
To make a long story short, about a year-and-a-half- ago I rolled my vehicle was ejected and consequently dislocated my right knee and tore both my meniscus and PCL  in my left knee. It took 2 surgeries to repair my right knee in which they repaired everything except the MCL (which wasn't torn) and I had my meniscus repaired in my left knee. At first I declined surgery to repair the PCL for I wanted to see if I could manage without it. But my knee hurts everyday and throughout the past year-and-a-half my knee has had severe laxity. At first the laxity was 14mm then worsened to 20mm this aspect and instability in my knee prompted me to have surgery. The surgery is scheduled for 06/14/2012. So I have a couple of questions for anyone interested:

1. Has anyone had an isolated or just PCL reconstruction and can give me any tricks to a quick and successful recovery.
2. Does anyone know of any exercises other than straight leg raises and flexing the calves that can be done after surgery? 

I would like to add that, other than this injury, I am a healthy 19 year old college student and I haven't had any major complications from any surgeries. I have one PCL repair in my right knee. Which went well I still have a small laxity but nothing in comparison to my left knee.  Also I trust and really like my surgeon and I know that he will do a superb job with my knee but I am not looking forward to the recovery process, but any thoughts or feedback is appreciated. thanks for reading and have a great day.         
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Re: PCL Surgery
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2012, 06:25:23 AM »
Hi coopaloop,

Welcome to kneegeeks (where no one joins happily :P). You can try searching this site for PCL reconstruction and read the experiences of other users. I'm sure you would find something useful. There might even be an article under the notes section of this site.

The exercises that are done after surgery vary from surgeon and PT. Each one has their own ways of rehabbing patients. It's tempting to neglect rehab but it's vital to do it religiously because it can make or break the surgery outcome.
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