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Author Topic: Orthopedic surgeons in NYC/Long Island area  (Read 1055 times)

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Orthopedic surgeons in NYC/Long Island area
« on: December 24, 2003, 09:25:00 AM »
One of the frustrating problems is finding a good surgeon. There isn't a Zagat's guide for surgery and I wish there were something like that. The Castle Connelly Guide is basically the old boy's network and any doctor can get in if he is recommended by a member colleague and pays a fee.

The biggest problem is that I think most of us are more impressed with anecdotal experiences of our peers than the recommendations of doctors, many of whom have political affiliations and other hidden agendas. I have heard horror stories about surgeries performed by some of the "best" people with the best reputations. I am much more interested in the honest feedback from patients on this site and similar venues.

However, looking for the right surgeon is often a crapshoot and once the surgery is done, it's often too late.

I appreciate the feedback I received on this site some time ago. I was referred to Dr. Answorth Allen at HSS and liked the feedback his patients offered. However, I'm covered by HIP and he doesn't take HIP. So I'm looking at a shotgun approach; I figure that if I get enough positive feedback on orthos and more than one person recommends the same surgeon based upon personal experience, I would have a more realistic approach.

Ironically, my bad knee isn't the problem this time. I had a high tibial osteotomy to correct for the varus condition in it. However, my other leg is still bowed and I am getting a dull ache inside the bone at the area of the bowing. I'm thinking it could be a stress fracture or something worse, but before I see someone, I hope to investigate the best person to see. My primary care physician is a good man but he recommended some questionable orthos and, at this point, I thought I would seek advise from those of you in the NYC/Long Island area.