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Author Topic: Not a happy bunny =[  (Read 737 times)

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Not a happy bunny =[
« on: May 15, 2012, 11:18:39 AM »
Hey everyone long time no speak   :)

Since my last rant on here I have had more trouble with my knee and as usually I have been sent away to 'see how it goes' for a quick reminder here is my history..

"2007, first arthroscopy:

Arthroscopy revealed a large defect with a corresponding loose body around the medial femoral condyle...this was reduced with 2 screws at the time and drilled.


Screw protruding from medial femoral condyle. Has rounded groove in medial tibial plateau.

Screws then removed..Protruding edges of osteochondral defect shaved arthroscopically... Couple of areas down to bare bone in places but osteochondral fracture has essentially healed... Tibial plateau grade 2-3 groove in medial tibial plateau."

My main concern is that a year into my 'dream job' so to speak I am having sever pain and grinding and awaiting an appointment that will more than likely ground me again for a couple of months which could lose me my job..

Since my last post I have also acquired a few more notes from my medical history and one is pretty concerning and it has been brought to my attention that my surgeon could be at fault for the damage created since last operation.

A section from the orthopaedic physio practicioner that last looked at my knee stated the following

"Screws from previous surgery are sitting prominent as I believe they were previously..... and also..on examination the tibiofemoral joint restricted by pain and what appears to be a mechanic block into flexion.."

Surely my surgeon should have xrayed my knee post-op to rectify the issues rather than a year later? And even after seeing my surgeon after seeing the notes above all she did was tell my its fine and see how it goes again... didn't even give me an x-ray to rule out the concerns brought up by the phisio..

To further my concerns, last week I nipped into an a+e down where I work when I started having the pain to see wether I had any loose bone floating around.. the xray revealed the large groove in my medial tibial plateau and the doctor was extremely concerned as to why it had been left..

Any advice would be great  :-\