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Author Topic: Shattered patella Very Confused  (Read 606 times)

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Shattered patella Very Confused
« on: May 14, 2012, 07:10:36 PM »
 Here's my story. I'm a 41year old male, have RA since 27yo. Getting Remicade infusion since2004. Diagnosed with a shattered patella (told it's in many many pieces) in 2003.Told of a few procedures that can be done. Will follow up 3 weeks later with OS. Rest & do very little during this time . Pain subsides & I can move my knee pretty good. Discuss with OS, decide to do nothing, being I'm pain free & have good movement. Go back to work (very physical/construction) no problems except for some swelling from time to time, have RA this seems normal anyway. Very weird I know, let us fast forward 9 yrs.

 Last Monday while walking twist knee, Oh s**t it's back. Go to ER tell them my story. They do all their tests x-ray,MRI,CT scan. All come back with same thing, patella is mashed & the quadricep is ok. OS drains knee of fluid, gives me pain meds., tells me use knee immobilizer 3-4 days, see him Fri 5/18. I do what he says but this time my knee is still in a lot of pain, can't be fully extended & gives out for no apparent reason sending sharp pain up & down my leg. I can walk with limp & very little weight on leg, hurts like hell though.

 What I need to know is what should I expect when I go see my OS. He mentioned something about shots I can get for the knee, that they may help in my case. But from what I been reading here & other sites is that surgery might be the only way to go. Also from what I read it seems as if though the majority of people that were diagnosed in the ER with the same thing went to surgery the same day or so. Why? Do I have some kind of special patella or something. Very confusing. Also I had a total hip replacement 10/06, so I am not new to pain, rehab, surgery, etc. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks