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Author Topic: Knee pain for the last year, not sure what is the best course of action  (Read 738 times)

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Hello everyone, I am new here as you can see but my knee problem has been on going for a year or so. I had been hoping it would sort itself out but I think time has come to take some action and I am unsure of what to do. I am guessing I need to see a professional. I am based in the UK.

How it started...

I had a minor foot injury a a few years ago and bought some in soles that gave better arch support and cushioned my sore heals. As my feet felt comfortable and better wearing them I continued wearing them even after the injury had cleared up.

Over the next year or two I noticed the inside of my knee (as opposed to the outside) was clicking and popping but thought nothing of it - a lot of joints in my body pop sometimes.

However the pops got bigger and bigger, especially in the left knee, until one day there was an almight *clunk* in my left knee. I was in severe pain, my knee felt weak and swollen and hurt to walk on. A girl I was living with asked if I had in soles and said I should try taking them out. Lo and behold my right knee started getting better immediately and now very rarely clicks or hurts, but unfortunately something has gone in my left knee.

Now it feels weak, or like something is almost missing, and gets sore if my leg is in a funny position or I walk a long time. Sometimes it is more of a sharp pain comparable to when I had tendonitis in my shoulder, sometimes it is more of a dull ache.

The pain is concentrated on the inside of my left knee and while it is a lot better than when I originally hurt it there is still some residual pain that does not seem to be clearing up.

If anyone could tell me what has happened and how best to fix it that would be great. I am losing patience with the injury! The way I see it is professional sportsmen injure themselves all the time and are back on the field in weeks or months at the most so there is no reason why my knee can't be fixed, it seems no where near are serious as some of the other problems people on this forum have!

Any help would be much appreciated. If you need more info I will do what I can.

From my reading I am guessing it's the meniscus or ACL?

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It could really be anything, see your GP and get a referral to either an orthopaedic surgeon, sports medicine physician or physiotherapist.  If you have private health care all of the above should be very straightforward.  This is exactly what professional sportsmen do - they have intensive physio etc or surgery.

There's not really much point in guessing what it may be - knees are an extremely complex formation of tendons, bones, muscles, ligaments

Good luck :)
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