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Author Topic: the waiting game...  (Read 730 times)

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the waiting game...
« on: April 24, 2012, 05:48:55 PM »
Hi guys, I'm new here. I've been experiencing knee troubles for about a year and a half.  I am 25yo, and have had a torn meniscus clipped and lateral release surgery. I have pain in both knees. It was post surgery for 10m then I fell on my surgery knee. My luck just isn't in the right spot. Are there any teachers, or aspiring teachers who have had to make a lifestyle change to this? I fell during a fire drill conveniently after noticing my little Pre-K girl's shoe was untied....yep you guessed it, right on the cement caused by the shoe while getting the children across the street. It's been 3 months since the fall, I've been through physical therapy, and had to wait for workmans comp to approve the MRI scan. I go and see the OS tomorrow....this waiting game is stressful. In the mean time, my knee does not like to straighten with full weight, it buckles, if I spent too much time standing on it it will turn a purplish color, and I'm bored out of my mind...

any suggestions on how to keep busy?
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Re: the waiting game...
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2012, 07:32:54 PM »
Hi there Kwal57,
I guess you have a different insurance/workman's comp setup from my school. When I tore up my ankle when I tripped on a student's foot, I just went in to the OS and never had to wait for an approval of anything from workman's comp.  Anything that they denied would just go on my insurance. 

Waiting is horrid!  Are you out of work right now waiting for treatment or just bored because you can't do the things you like to do?  I have had 4 orthopedic surgeries in 4 years(3 during the school year) and during recovery used the time to set up a wiki with all sorts of useful stuff to support what I do with my students in Spanish.  Or since you sound like you are in elementary, get those extra 10 bulletin boards and seasonal vocabulary words you wanted to do taken care of.  There are just so many novels you can read, so much tv to watch, and so many naps to take before you go buggy, so why not immerse yourself in something that will be productive and keep you seriously distracted?

I finished out the last month of school in 2008 in a wheelchair, various stretches on crutches, and still have a stool in front of class to perch on when I start to tire since I have only been back a month since my last PKR. (Oh, and limped a lot when I was sick of the crutches)  You are still the teacher, whatever shape your knee is in.  Don't let that be an issue.  Look for little ways to take it easy on your knee- ex. a helper to collect or return papers, moving your desk to where you can monitor the class without having to stand, use a cart or a wheeled crate to carry things so you don't have extra weight on your tender knee, trade out recess duty for lunch duty so you don't have to walk as far.

Assume this is temporary-it most likely is. You will make it through the end of the term and summer break is only a few weeks away so you can heal up completely. :)

Good luck tomorrow and let us know how things go.


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