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Author Topic: Opinion needed, please.  (Read 562 times)

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Opinion needed, please.
« on: April 03, 2012, 01:16:16 PM »
Okay, I need some opinions.
I doupt MRI of both knees.
Left: Normally better knee. Just got report from first MRI ever made, said everything intact, no dysplasia (like right), just a little more fluid in the knee, than normal. While Iím happy to read this, I still have the following problems:
I hit that knee about 6 weeks ago, central knee cap. Immediately after that it hurt like hell, but pain went away quickly. There was a little bruise on the left and right side of the patella, but not on the patella, no swelling first.

Then after 2 or 3 days I realized a swelling and heating above the patella. Also that knee started cracking really badly, when I extended it after bending. It felt like blocked a little. Walking was somewhat normal, but cycling produced cracking and clicking quite often and gave me the feeling, that there is some particle in my knee.
These symptoms have become better, but are still there. Cracking is less often and less hard, but still there. When I bent my knee with bodyweight sometimes there is a clicking feel behind the kneecap. Also I have developed pain behind the kneecap, when I bent my knee in order to sit down, get up or even just sit with 90 degree angle.
Some days ago I cycle hard against the wind and while my other knee, where there is a cartilage defect of grade 3-4 just felt a little sore, the left knee hurt like hell behind the knee cap for about 1h after stopping.

On top of that I DO see irregularity on MRI in the cartilage of the trochlea. Looks like there is really missing something, looks like a real crater with ragged rims in on pic.
Sure, Iím just a non-professional.† Also the ďdefectĒ looks so extremely obvious, I think if it would be really a defect, they would have seen that. There are two pictures with a defect and on the next pictures there is something really strange that looks more like a mistake in the pictures.

Iím afraid they just mixed up reports or so. I dunno. I mean, from what is that sharp pain and clicking, if there is nothing? Are there conditions not seen on MRI that can cause such symptoms? Like plica or bursitis?

Next question is my right knee. There MRI said cartilage defect grade 3-4 on patella, everything else okay. Now with PT the pain behind the patella has become better, with that knee I could walk downstairs and even squat again, but I feel an irritation and pain in the medial side and medial hollow of the knee. It feels like clicking several times after going downstairs. When I bent my knee there is light clicking in the hollow. My PT said that is probably just connective tissue, if it would be meniscus, it would feel harder.
Nevertheless, the knee becomes warm, when I move around more and then the medial side really feels sore.

So Iím not trusting that MRI. Problem is my ortho doesnít want to look at the pictures herself. She said, she can never open the CD. I find that strange, even I could open in on my computer.
I have an appointment with a knee specialist, where I ask beforehand, if he would look at the pics himself and not just read the report, but thatís in 3 weeks.

Would be great if anyone has ideas where these symptoms come from.

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