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Author Topic: Pain has returned 17 years post TTT - now what?  (Read 2945 times)

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Pain has returned 17 years post TTT - now what?
« on: March 24, 2012, 01:52:59 PM »
I'll start by explaining that I'm not the most patient of individuals and would like to gather as much information as possible (therefore understanding all of my options) before seeing my ortho again in a few weeks and thank anyone who reads my ramblings and questions.  It's amazing to have found a site with so many people who not only understand the frustration and pain that comes along with bad knees, but that also have compassion and a wealth of knowledge to share.

My snapshot history:  I've had recurring right knee issues since 1993 and as a result of maltracking and injuries have had 5 surgeries on this knee. It was explained to me in my early 20s that based on the progression of my OA, I would eventually be looking at a TKR - being that I'm only 37 I'm certainly not there yet.  I've been blessed to be basically pain free over the last few years....until recently when my knee has made itself VERY known again.

I have been to several orthos recently and the current opinions are to be "aggressively conservative." I've just recently had an MRI and am still waiting for the report (which I hope to have at the beginning of next week). In the meantime, I've been told to start PT and schedule Euflexxa injections for pain management. My joint space is shrinking (not unexpected) and I have a lot of grinding noise and there's a concern with a medial defect seen on xray. I've been told the MRI will shed more light on this and the possibilities that may follow.

I guess my question (and reason for posting on this board) is that I've read that the success of several TTT procedures is about 10 years. Seeing as my alignment procedure was 17 years ago, and I once again have significant patellar tilt, is another TTT an option? Are these procedures ever re-done?

At what point, is it decided that you've had too many procedures for one joint and that the best course of treatment is to simply wait out the TKR?  It's been said several times by a few orthos that I've had a lot done to this knee already and that being cautious is key. I've always wanted to question why but end up feeling as if I'm some surgery crazy lunatic.

I most certainly am not interested in more surgery, however if that will get me back to living my life (walking, shopping, teaching, parenting, horseback riding) I would certainly consider it over sitting and waiting for the ever threatening TKR once I'm 55.

Thanks for reading - I certainly didn't intend to write so much but keep feeling the need to be specific. :)
Right Knee:
1993 Plica removal
1994 Lateral Release
1995 TTT & chondroplasty
1996 HW removal & debridement
2005 Meniscus trim & chondroplasty
5/17/12 Meniscus trim & ?