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Author Topic: Motion Pro Functional Knee Brace.  (Read 6179 times)

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Motion Pro Functional Knee Brace.
« on: March 21, 2012, 03:14:45 PM »

I have tried every knee brace basically out there. They are all neoprene with cheap hinges, that pop out. I had a meniscectomy 3 months ago on my right knee, with plica. I was given a hinged knee brace, and told to wear it everyday, 24/7 expect when just walking around the house. The hinges are popping out the bottom, and the overall fabric is really hot and uncomfortable. My knee is still giving out and locking up, I'm thinking I tore it again, and the medial, MCl, hurts. I was told I had a MCL sprain around 1 month before surgery.
My left knee cap dislocated, gives out, and lockes up and I was given a horseshoe brace, which falls off when I'm outside, due to sweat. He said he may do surgery in the summer for my left knee, cleaning up my meniscus.

I've head knee sleeves, Donjoy reaction, hinged braces, stablizers, and none of them has worked.

Do you think this knee brace will help me? I really want to play soccer next year, senior year. I've done some research for people with meniscus problems, and it's helped them, including one of the former soccer players at my school.

It's the cheapest one I could find. Im going to ask my doctor today, but I'm scared he'll say no.
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