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Author Topic: Anyone had a Total Knee replacement who also has spinal stenosis?  (Read 897 times)

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Will be having a Total Knee replacement on Monday. I am concerned that my spinal stenosis will make rehab difficult. I have had facet injections and epidurals to prepare for the surgery so my back problems are minimal now. My doctor has cleared me medically, but I fear I will be facing some difficult times as I progress through the rehab. I am having the left knee replaced after a tibial plateau fracture, four years ago. My doc tells me this rehab will not be as difficult, but I have to admit I am worried I will get a new knee and not be able to use it effectively due to my  back problems.

I don't have a good feeling about the outcome of this surgery. If I delay it, the back problems will probably increase and the challenge will be greater. If I go ahead with it, but can't do a good job of rehabbing the knee, I may end up with major mobility issues. I am scared!

Any thoughts?  :-\