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Author Topic: First time dislocated pattela and possible ACL tear  (Read 608 times)

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First time dislocated pattela and possible ACL tear
« on: February 28, 2012, 03:34:31 PM »
Hi everyone! I am new here but I'm so glad I found this site. I'm 28 years old, mum of 15 months old very active little boy. So I dislocated my patella from my right knee. I never had any problems with this knee until now. It happened at home when I lifted my son. The knees were flexed and my right knee was caught between the table and the chair. I changed my direction and it happened...:( I was so scared I didn't know this think was possible. I had to go to hospital where I had my patella reduced. This happened a 7 weeks ago. I dis rest, elevate my leg and put ice on it and I wore a fixed brace for 3 weeks. I am still limping, but I don't have any pain when I walk, I guess I got used to limping  ;D I didn't do any physiotherapy and my muscle are smaller at my injured leg. I did an IRM and 2 radiologists that the ligaments and the meniscus are ok without any injuries, but I have patella subluxation. Another orthopedic told me that the ACL is torn and I need immediate surgery. I conlsulted a second orthopedic and after physical examination (didn't see the IRM) told me that the ACL is ok, but my patella is mispalced from birth at both my knees. He recommended swimming and physiotherapy. Now I don't know what to believe. My first concern is the ACL and of course I'm scared of new possible patella dislocation. I have to be very active for my son (this implies a lot of walking and also running) and I would like to know what can I do in order to avoid future patellar dislocations. Can I run, bend? No one answered this questions, maybe you can help me. Thank you very much!