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Author Topic: 2 Years After High Tibial Osteotomy & Recent Artrosocopy And Still Not Right  (Read 4150 times)

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2 years ago I had a high tibial osteotomy on my left knee.  The problem was a large chip was off the inside of my knee joint on the inside of the femur.  This was caused by a childhood accident that had caught up with me.  I was having problems with arthritis on the inside of my knee.  Due to the fracture on the inside of the knee being so large the surgeon decided that a bone graft could not be used and that the hole would be filled with synthetic plugs.  I am sorry I cannot remember what this procedure is called.  The original operation was an awful experience.  After around 6 months I could do light cycling, it has always been walking that I had the problems with.  I was laid up for a while after the op and suffered a lot of muscle wastage on my large thigh muscle.  I never really experienced much pain after around 4 months after the op, just a lot of stiffness and the feeling that something was digging into my knee joint.  After the initial 6 months I started doing more cycling and in the year following I covered just over 2000 miles, hills were always a problem but I really enjoyed it.  I also went to the gym a lot to try and build up my wasted thigh muscle.  It has still never came back to anywhere near its normal size.  Whenever I went to see the surgeon I was made to feel like I was not doing enough as my thigh muscle was still fairly wasted despite all the work I had put in. 

Towards the end of last year the feeling of stiffness and that was something was digging into my knee joint at either side started to bother me more.  So I went back to see the surgeon and it was decided that I should have the fixating plate removed as the tibia had healed correctly and an arthroscopy could be carried out at the same time to check for other problems.  I suggested would it be worth having an MRI scan carried out to check for other problems but the surgeon was happy with the x-rays and did not see a problem.

When I had the operation around 5 weeks ago the surgeon told me that whilst inside he noticed that the synthetic plugs that were fitted to fill the gap in the inside of my knee joint had not taken and looked a mess.  He said that he had scraped some cartilage around them and caused it to bleed in an effort to make the cartilage around them grow around them.  He also stated that the original knee osteotomy was an operation to put the weight bearing on the outer side of the knee and as such this might not be a problem.  I was told that he would make an appointment 6 weeks after the op and if things were still not ok he would schedule an MRI. 

So at the moment things are no better and I feel discomfort and I still have the same feelings in my knee as before the op.  So I have a feeling that the fixating plate never really caused me a problem.  If I try and use an exercise bike now for any length of time I get serious discomfort for a couple of days afterwards.  I have a good ROM but I struggle to walk for long distances.

I am just a little concerned what the problem might be and hate the thought of another major knee operation.  I am just not sure how the failed synthetic plugs could be remedied.  I am also not that sure about the surgeon as he always made me feel as though it was my fault for not pushing myself enough.  As when in reality I thought that I did more than enough and he would not really take my explanation of something not being right that seriously.

I was just wondering am I expecting to much to return to normality after such an operation?  As my knee is far worse than it was prior to the operation(s).  Although I do understand if left untreated I would probably have need a full knee replacement according to the surgeon.  As I am 42 I was considered too young for this.  I am just unsure whether to proceed with the same surgeon or seek a second opinion.  When I read other posts on here it would appear that my complaints are fairly minor compared to other people and that failure in knee operations is quite a common occurrence.  Thank you for any advice.