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Author Topic: beating the tendenosis wael 1 - tendeonosis 0  (Read 2212 times)

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beating the tendenosis wael 1 - tendeonosis 0
« on: February 22, 2012, 06:40:19 PM »
at last  i beat the  devil

oh my 

i am  the man  who  make  a  post  of   ''partial  quad  tendon tear and complet saddness  ''

i  think  this is  was the  name

i  decided  to back to the forum   to tell those who support me

i will tell my entire story  from the  begining   for  all those who has tendonsis must listen  carfuelly 

i used to play  football  but not  frequently  quad  were strong   ..especially the right  leg 

i was  overweighted  person   110    1.83 cm

one  day  i injured  my  leg  while  i  was  doing  a slide  tackle

i  heard  some thing  taq  sound  ... when  i  stand up  ...i was  able to walk  ...but not  able to  sprint  or l  squad  ....

i am  sure  100 % that  damn  day  i  partially  ruptured  my tendon

i  didnt went to a  dr ..i kept hoping and praying that it will improve  over time 

i keep   doing the wrong things  ...trying to  sprint  ...trying to  run       

over time  the  injury    get  worse  joint  get  inflamed   ...due  to  weakness  and  the  perpetual  damging to  the  tendon  patella  begin  to  shift   and  i  feel  all  my  joint  hurt    also  my menscus  begin  sending   terrible  pain

when   i  went  to  some  drs   my joint  was a  heap  of  ( you know  it  ) ....

it  was  impossible  for them  to  diagnose  it  (they  also  were  not  very  qualified  )
some  told me  operation some told me  training and  psychical   therapy  ...i  went to tunsia  (i live   in libya   
in libya  medicin is very  poor )

in  tunsia  they told me that  menscus  having  some  little  contusion  and   its ok  you need  training

at that time   i begin thinking ?

what is the problem  with my  knee  why it   hurt why it weak  why i cant stand  more  than 1 mint

why i cant walk more than  10  mint

why why

i   cried   ..yes  i cried it the  end  ??

no  it is not

from  the  searchs that i have  don  in the internet  ....(thank god i speaks  little english  ) 

i concluded   beyond  doubt  that  my knee  has  ruptured  tendon  ..which (because of my  negligence  )

develop  into  tendonosis  and   pettella   pain   )

first  thing get rid of  inflammation is

rest  yes  i rested    more than 3  months  however  i was  doing  alot of  leg  rasing  and some  little  walk 

slowly   and   after  3  months or  so  i  get rid of  pattella  pain  but  still  now and  then  i get some  unconfortable   feeling  in  my  knee 

i kept on training   (lightly )   the  key to not  let your  tendonosis  get worse  is   dont  do any  type  of

sprinting.....running  ...or  sudden movments  ....please  dont do them  i was  a poor  man ..i was unable to  attend  phycial  therapy  center  ..i just  join    phycial  therapy

center  for some time to know  which type of  training they do for my  case

the problem  is that some  exercises   send  great pain 

please  stop any thing that  cause  sharp pain   ....dont train  ...dont  listen to a dr ..listen to me

they  told me do  squad  ...but i cant  it hurts  ....

now its  6  months  of  the   the  start of this  tendonosis    i still  cant make  the squads  ..i even  left the pychical  theray center ...i kept on the  same  routine   

rest ...very little  walks...alot of  leg raise  until  what??

at the 8th  month  some stange things  happen

the dancing leg

yes the  dancing leg

one day  after some  walk   was  i   rest in my bed  i begin  feeling   that my leg  and  squad  muscles  begin to  sort of  pulsing  ..dancing  ...

it was  a result of my paticnce  ...  i kept traing  my leg  and  each  2 weeks   or so (after  the  first hard 8 months)   i feel  my  leg  begin to get better  ( quads  pulsing  life  retuns to the dead   muscles )
even its  size  get  little  bigger

i believe that  when tendon hurt heals  the wrong way  with alot of  scars  and  unaligned  fibers

training and patince  cause tendon  to slowly  realign  the  misaligned  fibers

at that time  i begin  having  the ability  to squad   

with out  pain

time  for  the  eccentric  exercises 

i heard  that  eccentric   helps  ....but please 

dont  do them  in the  first  stages  when  there is  alot of  scars and alot   

misaligned  fibers  this  will  worsen it (i tried it  )  dont  force your  tendon beyond  its ability

in addition to all  the mentioned information  i did the following

i  avoided  red  meat (i feel worse with it)   and try to eat  vigtibales   frouts  and alot of  fish

i  regulary  massage my  quads and the  quad  tendon 

avoid  aprupt  movments

avoid  sleep with bent knee  ...keep it straight as  possible as you can 

now its  one  year  and 4 month  i am not still 100...i doubt  that  a man pass  all this will get  100  reslut

but i can  stand  time like any normal person 

i can walk  with no pain

i feels no  pain  in my knee

my  quad    size of  my  left  leg is almost like  the   right one 

before one  1 and 4  months  i  was  with so so so so weak  quad  ..if you look at it  you will  just  feel  panic of its  shrink  size

last note ..when you have  tendonosis   and you  keep  training  your  leg  you  expect  some  little pain  during  healing ...when  tendon  heals it  sends  some pain

hope  you differentiate   between the   pain  that you should  avoid  and  the pain  that is good  because it 
triggers  healing 

thanks  for all people  here 

i remember when i told  them that i am  frustrated    and my  muscles  have  0  power they told  me dont 
get  frustrated  keep  on  training   muscles takes time to

thank youooooooooo


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Re: beating the tendenosis wael 1 - tendeonosis 0
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2012, 09:20:49 PM »
i  hope   i  receive  any  questions  or   ...congratulation  ...