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Author Topic: Healing of soft tissue damage after accident  (Read 475 times)

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Healing of soft tissue damage after accident
« on: February 22, 2012, 03:08:34 PM »
Hi, this is my first post and I hope it's OK to post here.

I was involved in an accident 10 days ago where I was knocked off my bike (bicycle, not motorbike) by a car.  The car pulled out right in front of me when I was doing about 18mph, and I hit the front wing and flew over the bonnet.  My knees took the brunt of the impact.  I was taken to a local emergency department but wasn't x-rayed, and my own doctor agreed when he checked me over a few days later that it was just soft tissue damage and would heal on its own in time.

Both my knees were very swollen at first, and this gradually drained down my legs until both legs were purple/blue down to my ankles.  Some of the bruising has since faded to yellow.  There was a lot of numbness along with the swelling, and the feeling has gradually been coming back into my right knee (which is quite painful!) and it seems to be doing OK.  I can walk on it almost normally now.  My left knee is more damaged, I think.  What's starting to bother me a bit is there's a big numb patch below and partly in front of my kneecap.  I have a nasty graze that overlaps the numb patch.  It scabbed over nicely at first, but now the scab is dried out and shrinking.  There doesn't seem to be any new skin formed underneath, and every time I bend my knee, the edges of the scab pull away and it starts bleeding again.  It obviously isn't doing much in the way of healing.

Is this something I should be worried about?  Or will it start to heal once the feeling comes back?