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Author Topic: Hi all, new member here with maltracking patella  (Read 572 times)

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Hi all, new member here with maltracking patella
« on: February 21, 2012, 07:22:49 AM »
Hello everyone. Please bare with me, I am new to this board and all the medical talk you guys seem quite fluent in  :-[

I was diagnosed with a maltracking patella last year and also have patella baja. 6 years ago I also broke my other patella, just a simple lateral break which stil has 2 screws in it.

Took a while to diagnose, first my doctor thought it was my popleteus muscle (sp?), then maybe cartilage and after X-rays, MRI, bone scan and another MRI, maltracking was diagnosed. I have a specialist surgeon but can't have surgery till my comprehensive medical cover kicks in in August this year.

My leg is very painful, used to be just at certain times and now it's pretty much 24/7. I have physio every week and do Pilates a couple of times a week. The Pilates is more to help my core strength as I developed a few back problems possibly from how I was sitting to try and keep my leg comfortable.

I'm gradually reading through various threads on the board in an effort to see what other people are experiencing and the surgery rehabilitation process which I am not looking forward to. I am a bit surprised at how many people have knee problems too and take some comfort in the fact that I am not alone with my pain or frustration.