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Author Topic: getting worse  (Read 693 times)

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getting worse
« on: February 18, 2012, 10:51:25 PM »
Hi! I came here back in December and had some helpful advice given so am back looking for more please.

In December I twisted awkwardly and my right kneecap moved up and inwards towards my inner thigh, for a while I couldn't straighten my leg properly and it felt like it needed a good crack back into place. Eventually it went back and I could move my knee again properly although painfully. The next day the same thing happened. I didn't go to the hospital as I was busy and I assumed they wouldn't do much after all it went back in on its own. Went to see a random GP at the practice and she had a good feel, said my knee cap was unstable and that she'd refer me to physio and sent me on my way with co-codamol (15/500mg)

Since then my knee has gradually gotten more and more painful. I rang Dr's to chase up physio appointment and it would seem my referral went missing so they fitted me into next available space this week.

Physio's assesment and opinion was that my kneecap is very unstable and wobbly and the thigh muscles that join on to the knee are weak and not doing their job because of the injury too. She thinks that my knee injury occurred because I have wonky feet which in turn point my knees in and put my hip/knee/ankle out of proper alignment so the knee took extra stress than it should. I'm being referred back to the podiatrist to sort this out with orthotics, I have seen them before due to excessive shin pain in the same leg.

I have constant pain in the knee despite pain killers, there is a definite pain in the centre of my kneecap as well as a feeling of pressure under the very centre. I then have a different kind of pain a more muscular feeling pain all the way around the outside of my knee. Today I stood up way too quickly and actually heard and felt a ripping on the inner side of my knee and I screamed but once I was fully up the intense pain of that subsided to a more throbbing pain.

Physio has given me some exercises to strengthen the thigh muscle and some exercises where I manipulate the knee cap opposite to the pain with bending and stretching. I got the impression that this was to keep my knee moving and to build some strength but that the podiatrist would be able to make things feel better...

Dr seemed reluctant to prescribe any further painkillers probably because I have a mental health condition  ::) The pain is really really starting to get me down. Its getting worse despite (because of?!) the physio I don't know what to do. The podiatrist might help my leg alignment but what about the damage already done?

Do you think asking for a orthopedics referral would be a good idea? or should I wait and see what happens with the podiatrists first? bearing in mind that although I have an emergency referral it could take 2 months to see them :/

I'm just really fed up with it all and would appreciate some advice and direction. Thank you very much indeed!

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Re: getting worse
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2012, 12:25:02 PM »  <Go into this link and read the information as you get time.  The important thing is to read in a link labeled "Missmyknee's blog" is a booklet called "The Intractable Pain Patient's Handbook for Survival by Dr. Forest Tennant, MD, DrPH.  This will tell you how to handle your pain docs. 

DO NOT let them cut you off pain medication.  MANY patients who have chronic, severe, intractable, or even just post operative pain have psychological issues.  I am the toughest guy I know and yet my condition has worn on me terribly.  I was speaking with my OS (Ortho Surgeon) and told him I was kind of down, emotional...etc.  He told me he has been on medication for 11 years or he cries like a baby.  Gave me medication a year ago I would have made stupid comments about and I feel much better!

Knowledge is your savior.  (well...knowledge and faith in God) but must become informed.  I believe any answer you seek is in this site.

If I can help you at all, just ask.  I hope you feel better, but going without pain medication will cause you to get worse, not better. 

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Re: getting worse
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2012, 11:17:00 PM »
thanks! do you think the podiatrist will help or should i be seeing the ortho's too?