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Author Topic: fractured patella recovery - will I be able to go to university/college?  (Read 615 times)

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Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place to post...

I severely dislocated/fractured my patella over Christmas. Part of the Patella [a little less than half] was dislodged, and was sitting above the knee. For a number of reasons, I waited around 2 and a half weeks to get an x-ray, and go to the emergency room. The patella was put back together with screws, and I believe there was some ligament/cartlidge repair. The surgeon, who is quite experienced, said it was one of the worst patella fractures/breaks he has seen, and that it isn't 100 percent as to whether the operation/recovery will be a success. He did say he would "bet on it" being a success, because I'm young and healthy etc.

It's now three and a half weeks since my operation. The knee is in full extension most of the time, and touch weight bearing at most...But I am working on bending the knee, with an aim of 90 degrees of bend six weeks after op. I can currently bend it around 45 degrees, and have started pt.

I'm not really clear on how long I will be on crutches, how much weight-bearing I will be able to do etc. six weeks after the op, when I meet with the doctors again. University [college] starts up again early March, corresponding more or less to six weeks since my operation. I am not sure whether I should defer for a semester or not. The campus is quite large/bustling, I would need to walk a fair distance between classes, and do it quickly, and I would also need to catch public transport to and from the campus.

Any advice, as to whether I should defer or not, what it would be like going to college on crutches, how long I can expect to be on crutches etc? Much appreciated, I'm very glad to have found this forum.  :)

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Re: fractured patella recovery - will I be able to go to university/college?
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2012, 11:43:27 PM »
contact your uni they should have a disabilities/help department they might be able to help with getting around easier, late passes, copies of lectures incase your late etc. I'm not sure if your uk or not but UK you can get DSA which is disabled student allowence otherwise most colleges/unis have social and emergency funds you should be able to get help towards funding taxis to get you into uni. Have you got a good friend in your class willing to carry your bag so you can use your crutches? if not the uni would probably also be able to supply you with a temporary assistant. There is usually a lot of help available you just need to poke and prod the right people.

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Re: fractured patella recovery - will I be able to go to university/college?
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2012, 07:49:34 PM »
Don't want to disappoint you, but a patella fracture is a serious injury. It takes time to heal and it takes even longer to recover.

I broke both patellas on Sept. 2011(almost 6 months post-op now) and I still need one crutch to walk, far from moving quickly. Moreover, I spent like 2.5 hours/day in PT and 1 extra hour in the swimming pool doing some rehab. exercises. In my case, I can't work, but if I was still a student, I wouldn't be able to go to college. I guess should be easier for you (only one injured knee), but it is important not to skip the daily needed PT sessions and I'm not sure if you can do that if you're in college.

I would suggest you to take a look at the different posts in the Bone Breaks section about knee cap/patella fractures, you'll notice how this can affect your regular activities.

Good luck and keep us updated on your process, it always help to know about people with the same injury.