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Author Topic: MCL tear and scar tissue?  (Read 3116 times)

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MCL tear and scar tissue?
« on: February 11, 2012, 12:28:21 AM »
I'm a newbie at initiating a post but here goes! My grade 2 MCL tear is a year old now. Have come a long way but injury continues to plague me even though ligament is healed. Have swelling along medial side of knee which prevents me from getting full flexion. Kneeling, squatting too painful to even consider most days. Leg feels very heavy when I walk on it and still makes me limp slightly.Last visit to OS said could have synovitis, gave second cortisone shot. Hasn't helped much but only been ten days. Said I definitely could have scar tissue when I asked.i see him again in a few weeks.wondering if there's any hope for me if it is scar tissue,or if I have to live with it. I know arthroscopic surgery not an option due to MCL being outside of knee. OS has told me that MCL reconstruct saved for very worst cases and is major. Not going there.Anyone deal with MCL tear/scar tissue before? Thank you!!

Feb 2011 MCL tear skiing
Mar 2011 started pt, 15 degrees ext, 50 deg flexion. Neurontin for nerve pain.Vicadin to get thru pt.
Aug 2011 finished pt.  Cortisone inj.
Dec 2011 MRI . Started pt again.
Jan 2012 twisted knee in fall.Cortisone inj and daytime hinged brace.

Feb 2013 RK arthroscopy/chondroplasty,synovectomy
Aug 2012 - failed Euflexxa,big pain LK too now
Neurontin early,cortisone inj x3, pt x3, Graston
May 2012 - MRI RK
Dec 2011 - MRI RK
Feb 2011 - MCL tear grade II ski