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Author Topic: 11 week after acl construction and still painfull and dont have full extension  (Read 780 times)

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I am 23 and injured my acl playing football over a year ago. I had my first operated on my knee in march as the hospital thought it was just my cartilage only to find out I had torn my acl, I then had this operated on. It has now been 11 weeks since I had my operation and am still having trouble with getting full extension of my leg. i have been going phsico but dont seem to be improving. When trying to do exercises on my legs to try build it back up I find that it swells up and becomes painful, I am concerned as am sure 11 weeks after the op I shouldn’t be experiencing pain and swelling or is this the norm??? My knee also gives way buckling in on itself this really worries me as the operation surely should of prevented this from happening any more. After going back to the surgeon he says that it is fine but i don’t believe him one bit after reading post after post on hear can anyone give me any advice as am not too sure what i can do from hear???