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Author Topic: osteoarthritis in patella region & large meniscus tear--input requested  (Read 651 times)

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Hi, new to this forum and just beginning to come to grips with this knee issue. This is what my doctor says: grade 3 degenerative tear: large complex tear of the posterior horn of the
medial meniscus extending to both articular surfaces. (left knee)

In addition I am told I have somewhat advanced arthritis in the knee cap/patella region of both knees.
I am 56 and normally a regular gym guy doing treadmill running 10-15 mpw and weight machines. Now no more treadmill and doing recumbent biking. At this point no surgery planned as doc and I both agree to monitor the knee and see how it goes for the next few months. I am now walking pretty normally and experimenting with different types of show. Currently wearing NB minimus for day to day wear and a lightweight NB running shoe for workouts.

Am wondering if others who have similar issues can provide input and insights. I want to maintain my mobility and get back to hiking and backpacking as I feel I am too young to have to give this up. Was told when initially diagnosed back in October 2011 that I was well on my way to knee replacement of both knees--but potentially not for 10 years. Am not keen on this either.

Your comments appreciated.