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Author Topic: help my poor knee please  (Read 762 times)

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help my poor knee please
« on: February 01, 2012, 06:26:16 AM »
Hi Guys,
Im hoping you might shed some light on my frustrating knee. I will give you a bit of history about myself before I tell you my problem. I weigh 92kgs, 5ft 10inches, male and 36 years of age. I've ran various marathons and shorters races and competed in triathlons (short distance and long distance).
last August I started training for another marathon and went out one saturday and ran 12 miles. After the ran I felt a slight pain in my left knee, medial area. I thought nothing of it and the next day went for a cycle with my kids and again the pain was still there. I took 2 days of from excercising and felt all was ok even after a small light run. The next weekend I went for another 12 mile run and towards the end my knee felt very uncomfortable. The following morning I could not put any pressure on that leg. It was very sore around the front of my knee under the knee cap. However the pain at the side was still there. After a few days the pain at the front subsided but the pain was still at the medial side especially when I bent down. After 2 weeks I went to a chiropractor and he worked on it for a few weeks and assured me it was not a meniscus tear that it was only a strained ligament. He did various tests etc. 5 months later my knee is still the same after I run on the road. But only the day after, not while im running. And its a tender pain that will go away if I cycle on the bike. Its getting pretty frustrating at this point. A MRI scan here in Ireland is too expensive and Ive been browsing everywhere in the hope that someone has had the same problem and maybe could tell me what they did. Ive rested for weeks on end but everytime i come back for a run its the same. However if I run on the threadmill I get no reaction. Weird I know. Ive done all the strenght excersises known to man.
Woul appreciate your help/info on this matter.