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Author Topic: Lateral "pop" ... ITBS? Any ideas?  (Read 677 times)

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Lateral "pop" ... ITBS? Any ideas?
« on: January 30, 2012, 12:18:08 AM »

I wonder if anyone recognizes my symptoms and could givve me any insight of what my "problem" could be.

At first, I have a big knee history, but a LR and TTT later, my knee is doing fine (all things considered). Still very active, have a fantastic job as an ER nurse and play sports every day.

However, something is bothering me, and an MRI later we still don 't know really what it is. A scope could be the next step, but I want to avoid surgery to my not-so-good knee in any way if not really necessary.

I have this pop on the lateral side of my knee. At first it was only present when cycling, not painfull at all. Now it happens more and more, sometimes along with pain at the time of the "pop". It can happen any time, doing anything, but always when I bend my knee. It's like somethings rubbing over my bone. MIR showed a lot (CMP, chronical fluid in the knee, maltracking, malformed patella, tilted patella, synovial fluid) but nothing that can explain the pop. OS said: scope! Me ad ERdoc (my boss btw) are searching further (as I don 't want surgery on my wonky knee!), and I have brought up the possibility of ITBS, however we both don't know if this is it. Resting doens 't make it better. Pain is not really an issue, however somtimes present when popping. At first I thought it were major subluxations,tions, but it seems not true.
Wonder if anyone with ITBS recognizes this, or if anyone has an idea what it might be, could give me some insight. It doesn't keep me from playing sports, however it 's very annoying!


Have to note that my TTT was a big success though! my knee is lots better than pré-op !!!

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05/06/13 R ankle dislocation