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Author Topic: Specialist Report  (Read 603 times)

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Specialist Report
« on: January 28, 2012, 11:56:45 AM »
Hi all, me again  :-[
I have recently received my solicitors specialists report on my knee injury. Just wondered what the likely outcome of my knee injury is and what treatment I am likely to receive.
I had a fall in Jan 09 and had an operation for a lateral meniscus tear(anterior horn) with a parameniscal cyst in Nov 10.

One sentence states that I'm tender over the lateral joint line still with pain on performing a medial McMurrays test. Also tender over the ilio tibial band and distal muscle belly of vastus lateralis.
To be honest I've no idea what all that means.  ???

My knee has been extremely painful recently so my GP sent me for an xray a couple of weeks ago, the results according to the receptionist was 'unremarkable'. I've now got constant clicking and when weightbearing I get such a sharp pain in the lateral side of my knee that it takes my breath away, luckily thats not constantly but probably happens about 20/30 times a day. Is this arthritis or have I done the cartilage again, it does seem similar to the pain I had before but worse. I've now been signed off work for a week by the surgery locum until I get my appointment with the regular GP the end of next week.

Thoughts anyone?........
April 83 - Right Knee Trauma
             2 Broken Wrists
1999    - Lateral Release Left Knee
Nov 10 - Anterior HornTear & Parameniscal Cyst Athroscopy Left Knee