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Author Topic: Insurance cut off my PT!  (Read 689 times)

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Insurance cut off my PT!
« on: January 27, 2012, 08:55:09 PM »
I am Joan and I'm 16, here is my story-

October '09- First went to Dr. for my left knee pain
May '10- First MRI, showed a growth plate problem and ganglion cyst, my Dr. choose to ignore both and diagnose me with patella tendinitis. I then went through a month of PT that did not help.
February '11- I could no longer straiten and lock my knee.
May '11- Once again diagnosed with patella tendinitis with added diagnosis of bursitis (even though at this point the whole leg was noticeably smaller than the right)
June '11- More PT, and still no full range of motion.
August '11- Lost range of motion to the point that I could no longer walk and had to use crutches. Also had x-rays after a bad pop, showed a cyst in the bone and that my knee was mis-aligned pretty badly, but nothing was treated.
September '11- 2nd MRI, showed nothing new but a small meniscus tear on only one picture. Still on crutches and getting very annoyed.
October '11- Switch Dr.s, new one gave me a cortisone shot and scheduled an arthroscope, something the other had talked about for two years.
November '11- Had arthroscope, no meniscus tear, my fat pad had grown in between two bones in my knee keeping it from straitening so they removed that part.  Normal recovery should have been 4-6 weeks and 2 days-2 weeks(tops) on crutches, but my Dr. and Physical therapist both said it was going to be a lot longer because of how long it took to have surgery.
2 weeks post op- Stitches out, went from an ace around my knee to a pretty supportive unhinged brace, still on crutches but trying to use my leg.
4 weeks post op- Regained ability to fully extend my knee, still on crutches though.
6 weeks post op- Finally off crutches but my knee was giving out about 15 times over the course of the school day so I was given a new brace that is hinged. There was also mention of ACL or PCL problems, which I do not understand how that is even possible considering there was a camera in my knee a 6 weeks prior and 5 and a half weeks since had been spent on crutches. It was also suggest at this point I consider using one or two crutches, an idea I was extremely against.
8 weeks post op- My Dr. measured my quads and my left is still 2cm smaller in circumstance then my right and he wants them to be with in 1 cm of each other before investigating my ligaments. Knee still giving out and buckling and I am still wearing hinged brace.
10 weeks post op(now)- Still in brace, PT says I am not allowed to run or jog, knee still gives out. This week my insurance decide they were cutting off my PT even though my Dr. wrote me a prescription good for another 5 weeks.

Anyone in a simulare situation or can give me advise? I am really frustrate at this point
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June '11- PT LK
October '11- Cortisone LK
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Re: Insurance cut off my PT!
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2012, 11:39:57 PM »
Hi Joan,

You've been through a lot in the last couple of years, and your first doc seems not to have had much idea about things... ::)

I'm in the uk, so not really able to comment on the insurance system (except to say that it sucks that they've just stopped your PT - are they doctors? Have they seen your knee? I bet not...!).

Personally, I would recommend you speak to your doc and ask for their advice on this. If you really aren't covered for any more PT, then maybe he could advise you on what to do next. It seems like a pretty mean move to leave you to cope on your own at this stage of things.

We find on KGs again and again that you reallly have to be proactive about your needs. If you think something isn't right, you have to keep making noise until they take you seriously. The giving way thing isn't good, you can't just stay in a brace!

Good luck with this. You sound like you've got your head screwed on, always good! Someone will have more helpful advice re the insurance side of things I'm sure. Be prepared for a fight  ::)

Take care and hope things improve for you. Keep us posted.

Brams  ;)
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