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Author Topic: Does anyone know ?  (Read 861 times)

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Does anyone know ?
« on: December 13, 2003, 05:48:54 PM »
Hi everyone,

Just curious to know if anyone has had a partial meniscetomy (sp?) with a torn ACL and if so , did the partial meniscetomy make your already unstable knee even more unstable ? I am getting an ACL brace made, which I am going to have to wear for pretty much all activity.
Also anyone having popping in their knee after the partial meniscetomy. I had some before the surgery, but now its worse and depending on whether or not I have any weight on my knee it hurts a bit. I asked my PT and OS and they both said that it may be because of the swelling. On Thursday my PT did seem interested in the fact that on certain exercises ( the ones where you are standing and lifting a little weight and have the strap just behind or slightly above your knee and are just straightening your leg then turn and do it the other way) when I straighten my leg no problem but when I bend it to lower the weight back down it pops every single time, 50 times it did ! Sometimes it made an audible cracking noise. It concerns me that it is doing it more now than before the suregery, and I'm concerned that it may be doing damage.  :-/

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Re: Does anyone know ?
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2003, 03:13:51 AM »
I'm having the same problem with my knee at PT. It keeps popping out on the bike so I asked my OS about it on Friday. I had surgery only four weeks ago and the rehab is very slow this time because of my knee cap but the reason it pops out is because of my muscles not being very good without exercising. So now I'm going to try and fight through the pain and build the muscles back up and hopefully not tear anything. He sent me over to get fitted for a sleeve that will hold my knee cap in and will fit under my brace. I was told to do my PT and we will see how everything is after six months. I have my fingers crossed because if it doesn't work I'm looking at a TTT and from what I understand it's not a pleasant surgery. My knee is still unstable after seven surgeries and each one they have removed some of my meniscus. I know from my previous surgeries that rehab is the #1 and time is #2. Keep working with your PT and do everything they say and I found that around six months you will start to feel comfortable walking again with out worrying about your knee popping out. I have wore a brace for the last two years which has stabilized my knee a lot but I still have little tweaks now and then. I hope this helps you out a bit. Good luck with your rehab.
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