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Author Topic: ACI - 1yr post op  (Read 22443 times)

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Re: ACI - 1yr post op
« Reply #60 on: February 23, 2012, 10:07:55 PM »
No problem, I don’t consider the dialogue off topic.  And it helps me to see what others are going through.  If I can help, I am always available through this blog, my Personal Mail (it is listed) or phone (best – send a PM).  I have spoken to several folks, and it is helpful to me, hopefully to them too.

I believe today is your day of surgery.  Please let us know how you are doing when you are up to it.  And do be careful to not overdo it and ruin the surgery.  I know it feels good to push things, but that is not correct for ACI surgery as I am sure you have read.

As far as myself, I’ve begun to carry a pack when hiking.  Did two 6 mile walks with a 19 pound pack followed by a 4 miler with a 23 pound pack, not much, but a start.  I think my knee is a little sore – but it may not be due to the pack.  Hopefully I will be backpacking soon.  Too bad where I live I need to worry about tick-borne Lyme disease in warm weather.  They sorely need a Lyme vaccine.



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Re: ACI - 1yr post op
« Reply #61 on: February 25, 2012, 12:45:38 AM »
Hi Dennis,

Great to hear how you're doing!  I know that you don't feel it because you are so far off where you were.

Don't know if this will help (probably won't), but I know someone who used to say that when he goes he doesn't want any part of him left in good working order 'cos it means he hasn't used it ... ;)

Take care and be gooooddd!

R :D
1/05 Ski accident: 5/05 ACLr LK; 10/06 Scope – debridement, trochlear cartilage lesion (Gr4); 12/08 Scope – chondroplasty, hematoma; 5 & 6/09 MACI patella & trochlea 'kissing lesions', ROM 0 to 80; 9/09 Scope – LOA, IPCS & patella infera; 9/10 Scope – AIR & LR.

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Re: ACI - 1yr post op
« Reply #62 on: March 21, 2012, 04:08:24 PM »
Hey Cdubb,

It's good to hear things are progressing.  I am in my 14th week, post-op left knee, and still on one crutch (or cane).  The day before I was supposed to walk I woke up with a hugely swollen knee and probably 10 degrees less ROM.  It's been 4 weeks since then and my knee is just now starting to go down in swelling.  The swelling has totally ruined my ability to work on ROM and has made walking very difficult.  On a good day I may be able to walk around with just a limp, but if I sit down for too long I have to spend a minute or two straightening it out after standing before I can take a step.  So I'm battling with when to ditch the crutch and how to transition to FWB.  My surgeon and my PT seem to think that it's unfortunate, but not anything bad, so I just need to wait.  And of course, not supposed to take anti-inflammatory meds, so it's a lot of ice these days.

On the bright side, my right knee really has held up to the pressure amazingly well.  It hasn't been sore or swollen once and has only gotten a little "clicky" when I have been standing for over a couple hours.  So while my left knee isn't going as smoothly as the right, the fact that my right is doing so well gives me real hope for 9 months from now.   But I have to say, the day (or night) that I can sleep comfortably will be an amazing feeling.  I also have pain meds and sleeping pills, but the pain meds also keep me awake and itchy and I'm not a fan of taking sleeping pills regularly.  I guess at this point we just keep doing what the PT/docs say and keep improving!

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Re: ACI - 1yr post op
« Reply #63 on: March 29, 2012, 09:29:06 AM »
I'm never going to be able to skydive  :-\ ?

is it the pressure from falling.. or the land.. can't i land on my bum.. thats disconcerting =(