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Author Topic: concerns after 8 1/2 months from ACI surgery  (Read 2001 times)

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concerns after 8 1/2 months from ACI surgery
« on: January 11, 2012, 10:39:13 PM »
Hello to all. I'm in law enforcement n been out of work for 3yrs , not even light duty. I've had 4 knee surgeries since 2008: (1) arthoscopic lateral release, (2) 3" incision lateral re-release of both mcl, (3) scope with shaving of knee, (4) aci surgery with 2screws below knee cap in tibia into shin bone ALL because I completely tore my inner mcl ligament n had severe case of osteoporosis all in left knee. Issue is alot of crunching n grinding n sitting or standing to long knee stiffens n locks. Have to easily move knee to shift it out of lock. Up n especially down stairs is a task. Leg pressing feels like I'm getting my strength back but not able to walk swiftly because of stiffness n sharp needle pain. Not able to kneel on it (very sharp pains). I'm just afraid I wont b able to perform my duty after 12yrs n I'm only 36
 From running 5miles 3x a week to not even doing steps easily is very discouraging. Anyone with positive information please post your comments

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Re: concerns after 8 1/2 months from ACI surgery
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2012, 08:35:40 AM »
from what i've read at 8.5 months you shouldnt be in this much pain. I'm sorry about what you're going through, ive been off work for a year, and may need to do aci surgery as well, but that hasnt even been discussed yet.

go see your surgeon. Hopefully something in your knee is getting in the way and it just needs to be adjusted/removed which should be a quick arthroscopy but def take it up w ur doctor! and don't worry. its not the end of the world. it just takes.. well.. a boatload of time :(