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Author Topic: Please help!I had a TTo and LR. having these problems! is it normal?  (Read 741 times)

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Will star with a bit of a History;
July 2008 jogged for about ten meters,stoped and the kneed sliped againg as for last ten years (was playing football with no problem,running and doimg gym and snowboard until now)
February 2009 had 2 MRI scans and litle clean up still could not recover-been send to different surgeon
04 10 2011:
had TTO and LR done by the new surgeon as well as some more cleaning inside.then 6 weeks NWB and now starting to walk with now aid had swelling only for 4 weeks soft tisisue healing well nerves coming back apart from little lump where the athroscope went in looks good,and no pain !so i started doing physio and had big problems doing leg extensios i know lost a lot of muscle but could not do it!!!  Decided to star with strait leg up in the air and slowly bending (does the same muscles) i just can not do it feel som much tension and pain and my patela always pops at one point and all the pain is gone and i can finish the movement!it is so frustraiting becasu i have very good movenet range and i can move the leg fast with no problem untill there is a pressure on the patela.and i can easly cycle for 30 min on very high resistance level at 45rpm and do leg curls with 15kg in 110 degres range
Is this normal? anyone having the same problem?any advice welcome!
thanks Brano
PS: sorry for my spellin