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Author Topic: MRI Report... Can anyone help me understand this a little better.  (Read 612 times)

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I have had a ACL Reconstruction 20 years ago and a recent Meniscectomy.

The patient is status cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Mucoid degeneration has developed in the reconstructed ligament.

 The Posterior cruciate ligament is inctact. The medial meniscus is intact.

The osteochondral surfaces of the medial compartment outline normally. The medial collarteral ligament is normal. 

There appears to have been a partial lateral meniscectomy. The Residual meniscus shows some degeneration but is intact.

The osteochondral surfaces of the lateral compartment outline normally aside from a small area of Grade III cartliage loss invlolving the lateral aspect of the lateral femoral condyle.

The popliteus and biceps tendon and fibular collateral ligaments appear normal. 

There is moderately thickened medial joint plica. There are minor changes of chondromalacia patellae. 

The patellar tendon shows post operative change.  The extensor mechinism is normal.

1. ACL Reconstruction
2. Partial lateral meniscectomy.

Thanks for your help.