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Author Topic: Fractured patella and patella tendon detached trom tibua  (Read 870 times)

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Fractured patella and patella tendon detached trom tibua
« on: December 08, 2011, 09:09:06 PM »
Hi everyone,
 First I must say this forum has been so informative, it has answered alot of questions for me.
 I fractured my right patella and the patella ligamet detached from the shin bone when i was playing rugby, ( 23/04/2011)
I had 3 pins in the patella with a bolt in shin bone and a wire around the knee cap. I got to 90 dom quickly, but then did not improve.
The wire and bold have now been removed ( had second op on 04/11/2011) im back to 90 dom but im really struglling to get any futher, am I just being impatient?  I am VERY lucky to have fantastic physio as im in the Army, 2 lower limb classes, 1 swim class, 3 x 1hour sessions with physio per week.
Am I strugling to get past 90-95 dom because i damaged the ligament + the fracture, can anyone give a time scale that it could take to get better range of movement? The knee is strong, i can walk up and down stairs no problem, i just cant improve the dom.

Thanks for any info