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Author Topic: I need Advise From Peoples Who Experience Chondromalacia Patella.  (Read 609 times)

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hi, great day.
am 26 yrs female, having CMP, at 2005, dr said is wear & Tear, i did follow up all drs appointment, during 2006-2009 drs, told me my weight play apart...ok then 2010 i when for x-ray was shocked to see my both patella are tilted. So i decided to loose some weight not becos of my knee but for health and my insurance, from 103kg to 86kg (a year i took) till present, 2011, So i went to my dr, Complain that my knee is hurt when i climb and down stair, bending part even long walk. When back to a dr, he told me if i worried too much, then we can send u to MRI. So i Waited till next Appointment, And this dr, Said continou ur normal lifestyle, play and do whatever u want. Dont waste money on MRI. Ok so i voided. Was given physio to follow up like:-
1. Stand leaning with your back aganist a wall and ur feet abt 20cm from the wall
2. lying on ur back with legs straight
3. lying on your back with knees bent
4. lying on ur back. bend one leg and put your foot on the bed and put a cushion under the knee

when for almost 3 mths. still same. on 05/12/11 i went to review again & said no it.
then above hospital appointment i went are all different dr who view me under 1 department.

so i never give up, i went to another hosp for 2nd advise.
he suggest we go for MRI. ok went,
review are:-
left knee tilted 14mm,
right knee tilted 10mm with hole and water. both knee cartilage worn out. so he suggest surgery for left knee, moving the knee cap and shave, moving the tendon too with screw on.
as for right knee, he suggest camera wash. clean up.

i am on no med! just uncomfort feeling.
not sure, i shd go for clean up first to how be surgery? or ignore and continou physio?


regards, nic

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Re: I need Advise From Peoples Who Experience Chondromalacia Patella.
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2011, 09:37:21 AM »
Have you considered prolotherapy?