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Author Topic: TTT now stress fracture  (Read 555 times)

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TTT now stress fracture
« on: December 08, 2011, 09:03:56 AM »
Hi all

Had my TTT operation 4th january this year few swelling issues suspected DTT but all that got sorted. At the end July/beginning of August had quite bad pain in my opposite foot so Physio suspected stress fractue. Had 2 xrays which showed nothing up so my GP sent me to my conultant for him to look at. I went and he arranged an MRI scan of foot on the 25th September. I had my next outpatient booked for 17th October for my knee and went along thinking everything was ok with foot as I hadn't heard anything but was having major swelling issues with my knee. Doctor said I had a serious complicated stress fracture of my left foot and put me in an aircast boot for 8-12 weeks. I asked about my right knee and he said he could see the large bulge but couldn't do anything about it until he had sorted my foot out. I am back at hospital for my 8 weeks check on my foot but whilst i have been in the boot for 8 weeks my operated knee is so badly swollen and I can hardly get up and down stairs or chair with the pain. I am dreading what is going on with my knee as I cannot believe it is this badly swollen after 11 month from;ease can someone put my mind at rest that this is all perfectly normal????????????

Thanks for reading